Background to the IAM

What is the IAM?

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM RoadSmart) is the UK’s leading Advanced Driving/Riding organisation. It is dedicated to improving road safety by raising the standard of driving. Further details about IAM Roadsmart can be found on their website:

How many members are there?

According to the IAM, by the year 2010 they had conducted 400,000 IAM tests and currently has an active membership of 82,000. Not bad when you consider they were all prepared for their Advanced Tests by the many volunteer Observers from around the country.

Where is my nearest Advanced Motorists Group?

This site is for the Swansea Bay Group of Advanced Motorists (SBGAM). However, we may not be the Group closest to you, or you may want to take your Advanced Test in a vehicle other than a motor car (which SBGAM only provide). If this is the case, or you just want to know where all the groups are, please contact IAM Roadsmart (

How much does it cost to join the IAM Roadsmart?

To join, you will need to complete a driver/rider course purchased through the IAM Roadsmart website (

You will then be allocated to your local group and work with an observer on a one-to-one basis to acquire the necessary standard to be put forward for the Advanced Test – more information on what the observed runs involves can be found under the following section: –

Once passed, you will become a full member of IAM Roadsmart and your first year’s membership subscription of your local group is included.

Until you have passed your Advanced Driving Test, you will not be able to join the  SBGAM.

What do I get for my IAM RoadSmart Membership?

By passing your Advanced Test and being a Member of IAM Roadsmart you will have reached an Advanced level of driving/riding which is safe, shows great observation and makes good progress. Many who have passed have commented on how much more pleasure they feel when behind the wheel. You will receive the IAM Roadsmart magazine “Roadsmart” which is published three times a year. You will also be able to take advantage of special value motoring products that are available exclusively to IAM Members. Such products include reduced motor insurance to reflect your position as an Advanced Driver/Rider.

How much does it cost to join SBGAM?

A mere £5.00 per year is all it will cost to be a member of SBGAM – what a bargain! You will be welcome to attend our many social and group events; and informative and interesting presentations at our monthly meetings. Even better, if you have purchased an Advanced Driver Course, your first year of SBGAM membership is free!

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