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How to join SBGAM

If you are considering taking the Skill for Life programme, or are already an Advanced Driver and member of the IAM, we would welcome you into our Group.

For new drivers who know they want to become Advanced Drivers, they will need to complete the Skill for Life application form available either directly from the IAM ( or via one of the SBGAM committee members (Contact Us).

If you are not sure whether you want or need to improve your driving, why not arrange for an Assessment Drive with one of our Observers. They will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and advise you on whether your driving would be improved by enrolling on the Skill for Life programme. Other than a couple of hours of your time, there is no cost (nor obligation to continue) to having an Assessment Drive.

For qualified Advanced Drivers (and Members of the IAM), you would be welcome to join our Group, to attend meetings and events and receive our Newsletter. If you would like to participate more actively, in being a member of our committee, or become and Observer yourself, you would be sure of an even warmer welcome!

Either way, to find out more details, please contact one of the SBGAM committee members.

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